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Wholesale Wedding Decoration Supplies : Decorating A Home Bar : Wall Niche Decorating.

Wholesale Wedding Decoration Supplies

wholesale wedding decoration supplies

  • the act of decorating something (in the hope of making it more attractive)

  • an award for winning a championship or commemorating some other event

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wholesale wedding decoration supplies - Crayola 52-0029

Crayola 52-0029 Crayola 150-Count Telescoping Crayon Tower, Storage Case, Sharpener

Crayola 52-0029 Crayola 150-Count Telescoping Crayon Tower, Storage Case, Sharpener

Kids will love the variety of colors in this three-tier telescoping tower of 150 crayons. It's won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award--their highest honor! The tower contains 118 regular crayons, 16 metallic FX crayons and 16 glitter crayons. It's the largest set of Crayola® crayon colors ever. The metallic and glitter crayons are included for cool coloring effects. Plus, the unique case with telescoping design expands into a tower of crayons in a three-tier display case. Simply lift to open the two layers, then turn counterclockwise to lock into place. While little artists enjoy the endless choice of colored crayons and the easy access to them, adults will enjoy the ready-made storage, that will make for easy cleanup. The tower includes a built-in sharpener to ensure that a fresh crayon tip is only a twist away. So, go ahead, unleash your child's creativity. Recommended for ages 5 and up. Nontoxic.

The Crayola Telescoping Crayon Tower is the largest collection of Crayola crayons ever assembled. Organized into an expandable, three-tiered tower, this set places 150 vibrant colors at your child's fingertips. In addition to regular crayons, it also includes Crayola's Metallic FX and glitter crayons, providing your young artist with everything he or she needs to create lively, colorful drawings.

The Telescoping Crayon Tower features a convenient design that is easy to access. View larger.
Convenient Tower Design
With 150 crayons, this set may seem too large to arrange. However, the Telescoping Crayon Tower features a unique and convenient design that is both compact and easy to access. The tower's frame is see-through, which gives your child a clear view of the crayons contained inside. When your child is ready to color, the tower's three tiers fold out, providing your child with complete access to all the crayons. The tower also has a built-in sharpener, which means that a fresh new coloring tip is always only a twist away. When it's finally time to clean up, the tower can shrink back to its original size and lock into place, ensuring easy storage.
A Full Spectrum of Colors
The Telescoping Crayon Tower contains 118 regular crayons, 16 Metallic FX crayons, and 16 glitter crayons. Kids will be overjoyed with the sheer diversity of this set, as it contains a color for practically everything. They will be eager to draw skies in the more than 15 shades of blue contained in this set. In addition to classic colors such as red and blue, the set also contains rarer colors such as scarlet and periwinkle. Metallic and glitter crayons are a welcome addition to any crayon collection, and add cool coloring and texture effects. With all these colors at their disposal, kids open up to a world of creative possibilities. The Telescoping Crayon Tower is recommended for ages five and up.
About Crayola
Crayola first began developing its world-famous crayons in 1903, with eight original colors. The company is now the world's most popular manufacturer of children's art supplies and it produces more than 120 different crayon colors. Crayola recently celebrated its 100th anniversary and continues to innovate in the field of children's art.
What's in the Box
118 regular crayons, 16 Metallic FX crayons, 16 glitter crayons, and telescoping tower case.

78% (12)

Office.TCruz - Cords, Office Supplies, Accounting

Office.TCruz - Cords, Office Supplies, Accounting

The supplies I use most often are right here. Top drawer for cords I use often, but not daily, along with mini mice, usb keys, etc, all nicely packed in baggies. Middle drawer for office supplies: pens, scissors, tape, stapler. I tend towards mini's. Bottom drawer for financial stuff - checkbooks, registers, bank cards, stamps. And a timer.

6 pcs- HANDMADE Roses

6 pcs- HANDMADE Roses

You can use these roses for hair accessories,bridal accessories,brooch,cloths,bags,hats, jewelry,sewing to pillows and creative craft works.

wholesale wedding decoration supplies

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