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French decor catalogs : Monkey bathroom decor.

French Decor Catalogs

french decor catalogs

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french decor catalogs - Andre Granet:

Andre Granet: Decors Ephemeres, Paris 1909-1948 (French Edition)

Andre Granet: Decors Ephemeres, Paris 1909-1948 (French Edition)

In Paris between 1909 and 1948, the salons in the Grand Palais near the Champs-Olys es were installed with extraordinary decorative interiors to accommodate automobile and other trade fairs. The splendor of these temporary sets was a direct expression of a gloriously progressive Paris married with the work of the French architect Andr Granet (1881-1974). In 1948, Granet's work was documented in a large-format book, which has long been out of print and is now available again here as a stunning facsimile reprint. D cors Oph mAres contains photographs of Granet's installations and lighting designs, as well as his illuminations for the Eiffel tower and the banks of the Seine. It is completed by outlines and sketches of his daring designs.

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Nature in the city

Nature in the city

Bibliotheque Nationale de France - Francois Mitterrand
La Bibliotheque nationale de France (BnF), ainsi denommee depuis 1994, est la bibliotheque nationale de la Republique francaise, heritiere des collections royales constituees depuis la fin du Moyen Age. Premiere institution chargee de la collecte du depot legal, a partir de 1537, elle est la plus importante bibliotheque de France et l’une des plus importantes au monde. Elle a le statut d’etablissement public. Ses activites sont reparties sur sept sites, dont le principal est la bibliotheque du site Francois-Mitterrand ou Tolbiac, situee dans le 13e arrondissement de Paris, sur la rive gauche de la Seine. Le site historique, datant du xviie siecle, se trouve dans le 2e arrondissement de Paris. On a coutume de le nommer « quadrilatere Richelieu ».

La bibliotheque nationale de France comporte quatorze departements et plusieurs collections principalement conservees sur ses quatre sites parisiens, dont le Cabinet des Medailles. Hors de Paris, elle comprend la maison Jean-Vilar a Avignon et deux centres techniques de conservation a Bussy-Saint-Georges et Sable-sur-Sarthe. Elle est egalement de plus en plus connue pour sa bibliotheque numerique, Gallica, qui propose la reproduction de plus d'un million de documents sous format texte, image ou sonore. Ses collections s'elevent a un nombre total de 14 millions de livres et d’imprimes (10 millions a Tolbiac), dont pres de 12 000 incunables, et s'accroissent d'environ 150 000 volumes par an par acquisition et par le depot legal. Outre des livres imprimes, ses collections comprennent plusieurs millions de periodiques, manuscrits, dont plus de 10 000 manuscrits enlumines medievaux, cartes, estampes, photographies, partitions, monnaies, medailles, documents sonores, video, multimedia, numeriques ou informatiques, objets et objets d’art, decors, costumes… La majorite des references est consultable en ligne sur le catalogue general de la BnF et ses catalogues specialises. Le site Francois-Mitterrand accueille egalement l'Inatheque de France chargee du depot legal de la radio-television qui comporte un fonds de cinema.

La BNF a une mission de collecte d’archivage et d’entretien (conservation, restauration), mais aussi des activites de recherche et de diffusion de la connaissance, grace notamment a l’organisation reguliere d’expositions a destination du grand public, dans ses locaux comme sur son site Internet.


The Bibliotheque nationale de France (BnF) is the National Library of France, located in Paris. It is intended to be the repository of all that is published in France. The current president of the library is Bruno Racine.

The National Library of France traces its origin to the royal library founded at the Louvre by Charles V in 1368. It expanded under Louis XIV and opened to the public in 1692. The library's collections swelled to over 300,000 volumes during the radical phase of the French Revolution when the private libraries of aristocrats and clergy were seized.
After the establishment of the French First Republic in September 1792, "the Assembly declared the Bibliotheque du Roi to be national property and the institution was renamed the Bibliotheque Nationale. After four centuries of control by the Crown, this great library now became the property of the French people."
Following a series of regime changes in France, it became the Imperial National Library and in 1868 was moved to newly constructed buildings on the Rue de Richelieu designed by Henri Labrouste. Upon Labrouste's death in 1875 the library was further expanded, including the grand staircase and the Oval Room, by academic architect Jean-Louis Pascal. By 1896, the library had become the largest repository of books in the world, although it has since been surpassed by other libraries for that title.

Au plaisir de decor unique (The pleasure of a unique setting)

Au plaisir de decor unique (The pleasure of a unique setting)

Size: 12 3/4 by 19 7/8 inches. Signed N. Turner lower right front, signed et dated 1913 and 2011 on the reverse, title on reverse. Indian Ink, acrylic and graphite on 200 gram paper from an auction catalogue titled "Catalogue des Tableaux Anciens, Objets d'Art et D'Ameublement, Collection... M. Eugene Kraemer, Aura Lieu a Paris, Galerie Georges Petite, 8 Rue de Seze, Les Lundi 28 et Mardi 29 Avril 1913 a 2 heures." (Catalogue of Ancient Paintings, Art Objects and Furniture, from the M. Eugene Kraemer Collection, Auction to take place in Paris, at Gallery George Petite, 8 Seze Street, Monday the 28th and Tuesday the 29th of April, in the year 1913, at 2 o'clock.) This work was done on two pages from a rare, out of print auction catalogue purchased at an auction in Nice. Two pages from the catalogue were used as a background for an original painting. The pages were removed as one large sheet of paper. © 2011 Neal Turner

french decor catalogs

french decor catalogs

Le Creuset Enamel-on-Steel Whistling 1-4/5-Quart Teakettle, Cobalt

Le Creuset Enamel On Steel offers superior craftsmanship in heavy gauge steel. Each piece is glazed with a hard, glossy enamel making it both durable and eye-catching

You won't let the water run dry when you hear the whistle of this tea kettle. Le Creuset constructs the traditional shape out of lightweight, sturdy steel and coats it with tough enamel. A shiny stainless-steel rim helps protect the edge from chipping and facilitates the lid positioning. The high handle can be locked in an upright position to keep your hand away from the heat, and a lever on the whistling device flips the spout open for pouring. Low and broad, the base allows maximum surface contact for faster boiling. Choose from many bright, modern colors to match or harmonize with your kitchen and other Le Creuset cookware. --Ann Bieri

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